Demonstrates how to print a hierarchic list.

To create hierarchy, the FastReport engine needs two values: the row ID and its parent row ID. In this report, the row ID is represented by the Employee.EmployeeID column; its parent row is Employees.ReportsTo column. To create the report:

- select the databand and go to the Properties window;

- set the "IdColumn" property to "Employee.EmployeeID";

- set the "ParentIdColumn" property to "Employee.ReportsTo";

- the "Indent" property will be used to shift the databand rows according to hierarchy level. Set it to a desired value.

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Andrew Fuller
Vice President, Sales
Janet Leverling
Sales Representative
Margaret Peacock
Sales Representative
Steven Buchanan
Sales Manager
Anne Dodsworth
Sales Representative
Michael Suyama
Sales Representative
Robert King
Sales Representative
Laura Callahan
Inside Sales Coordinator
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