Sales in Germany
Demonstrates a Map object with two layers. The first layer displays a static world map and is not bound to data. The second layer displays application provided with spatial data in format of latitude/longitude/name/value. To create a map:

- put a Map object on the report page;

- doubleclick the object to invoke its editor;

- click the "Add" button to add a map layer. Select ESRI shapefile (.shp/.dbf files);

- click the "Add" button to add another map layer. Select "Empty layer";

- in the "Data" tab, set the data source for the second map layer;

- set the spatial data in format of latitude/longitude/name (in this example the name of a city) and the analytical data (in this example an expression that returns the sales in this city);

- zoom the map to show a specified country. You may do this using the mouse. Another way is to select the first map layer and specify the country name in the "Data" tab, "Zoom the polygon" text box.

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